Worksite Evaluations


We offer 3 levels of Worksite evaluations. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Please contact us with any questions and a price quote.

Level One - Quick and Basic Site Visit

A an overview of a single work station or site, with basic suggestions and modifications. This option would be good for an end user with only minor issues or needs, such as a chair adjustment, keyboard tray modification, or re-arrangement of equipment for improved efficiency.

Level Two - Standard Evaluation

A one-hour in-depth analysis of a work station or site that includes a written report with observations and suggestions. This service is our most popular and is ideal for documenting and tracking worksite improvements. It also allows employers to follow up with their employees results to determine if a another worksite evaluation is required.

Level Three - Corporate Contract Evaluations

Includes all the Level Two Standard Evaluation services for companies looking to implement an ergonomic
program. This option is best for mid- to large-size companies looking to evaluate numerous employees or commit to a long-term subcontract agreement. Ergonomic Evolution would serve as an in-house ergonomic consultant and would likely team with your Human Resources or Facilities Department to develop standard processes and procedures. 

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Will a Workstation Evaluation help your businesses employees?

Ergonomic workstation evaluations help employers recognize problems with a layout or design that may be contributing to an employee's physical discomfort. As part of our evaluation the therapist observes the worker in their work environment as they perform various tasks. The therapist will determine if any specific methods or habits are major contributors to postural strain. Adaptive measures, or changes in the employee's work methods that will help reduce musculoskeletal stress, will be recommended. Evaluations can lead to solutions that improve the employee's productivity, comfort and morale.

Every year, more workers lose time from work because of repetitive strain disorders, back and neck injuries. Employers are increasingly turning to ergonomics to reduce the cost of workers' compensation claims and lost productivity. Ergonomic Evolution offers flexibility in selecting the solution that's right for each business. We can make adjustments to existing furniture and equipment, we can also provide ergonomic equipment if needed. We will also suggest other resources if we cannot provide the correct item for the overall solution.

People who work at a desk or computer for several hours a day may develop physical problems related to their jobs for many reasons. Workstations may be poorly designed and can cause physical problems, or some jobs may require repetitive performance of tasks.  In many cases, employees have physical conditions that place them in a high-risk category, making them more susceptible to injury in the presence of a less than ideal set up. But in every case, the relationship between desk, chair, keyboard and monitor must be adjusted to fit the physical proportions of the individual at that work station.