What Makes Ergonomic Evolution Different?


Most ergonomic companies utilize an “old school” approach that rely on outdated ideas and trends. Our philosophy addresses the most common ergonomic issues with a fresh, common sense, “new school” approach based upon the following ideals:

  • Natural movement is encouraged - Our bodies are not designed to sit still, our bodies require variation of position and motion. We promote the "optimal position" which is the one you are typically in, however we encourage varying position throughout the day.  
  • “Open” neutral posture that encourages foot controlled movement and forward hip roll posture.
  • No body is the same, no task is the same; all solutions are customized. This is about fitting the environment to accommodate the person rather than making the person fit the environment.
  • Emphasis on prevention and improving health. The best form of optimal health is the practice of prevention.
  • Proper training and usage of ergonomic equipment with the goal of variation of posture. Most people simply do not know what the proper usage of the ergonomic equipment they already have. Improper usage can actually cause more issues than they solve. We address the usage in the "optimal position" along with alternative positions.
  • Long-term thinking that promotes constant improvement. As time go by our bodies change and so do the tasks we perform. By adding ergonomics to your work culture, constant improvement and increased efficiency become a progressive way of working, preventing injuries, and maintaining health.

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